Value based programs for youth:

Youth today face various issues like self esteem and peer pressure which have devastating effect on them and their future. Based on where they are in life, the pressures vary but are very much prevalent. We offer solutions which enable them to change their opinions of themselves, handle peer pressure, and nurture healthy relationships; we provide them with practical solutions on ‘facing the giants’ in their lives. We also guide them in the importance and process of goal setting; and effective management of the transition from school to college to corporate.

Seminar on ‘Gearing for a committment’:

This module is geared mainly for the singles who are ready to mingle. It will enable them to differentiate between love, lust and infatuation and self-pity. Peer pressure often gets young people to lose focus and go off on a wild goose chase. One of the key aspects in these modules is encouraging young people to make the most of their singleness, focus on what they would desire in their life partner, and thereby be able to write a love-story that they would feel proud about.