Soft Skills

Team building skills enhancement workshops:

In today’s professional environment, managing teams is the core responsibility of any manager. Today, management teams comprise of people with various skill sets and personalities. Hence, an increasing number of organizations are adopting team building training to increase the capabilities of their managers in the area of team management. This training also enables participants to work in teams and to perform at high levels and quickly adapt to escalating demands.

Time Management:

The skills to manage time better, to achieve more, and to be more effective are taught through very creative activities. Prioritizing, concentrating, and Goal setting are some of the key tools here.

Conflict Resolution:

The skills for Conflict Resolution is very subtle and demands a personal character shift in order to achieve good results. The objective is to reach a win/win situation. Resisting the temptation to be impulsive, and develop skills to understand the other’s feelings are also dealt with in these sessions.


Assertiveness Skills Training

These sessions will enable participants to understand the principles of assertiveness. they will also establish their current level of assertiveness and help them prioritize problem areas..