Vanilla Parenting seminars:

The first couple of sessions are without any customization attached to it. They address general parenting issues and the audience can be widespread and mixed. They are a vanilla program that will give a good idea of where you would want to head from thereon.

Age-appropriate parenting seminars:

Parenting is a vast subject, considering the fact that the techniques to be used are varied, depending on the age of the child. For instance, the primary consideration in early parenting will be to instill self- control and form habits. While parenting of preteens, teenagers and young adults would need a different technique. For instance, giving required and timely information at the onset of puberty, communication skills and ways to display affection are dealt with in these modules.

Awareness seminars for parents on Child Sexual Abuse or Child Protection:

This module is an awareness program, which also gives guidelines for prevention of Child Sexual Abuse.It includes sessions to equip parents and children to detect sexual abuse and potential abusers early, and to take necessary preventive action.