Marriage Enrichment Seminars:

These seminars will address various issues concerning the lives of a married couple like communication, companionship, Handling conflicts, loving your in-laws and so on. Having a troubled marriage is not necessarily a criteria to attend these sessions. They are designed to enrich marriages and cause them to work better.

Preparing for Marriage Seminars:

Every couple hopes that they live happily ever after, but not all of them do. Very often problems begin in the very initial period soon after the wedding. Living together before the wedding does not increase the success of a marriage. Moreover, once the babies come along, then working on the marriage gets even more difficult. The truth that marriage begins after the wedding is over dawns upon the couple. But a Preparing for Marriage Seminar enables the couple to brace themselves for such seasons. It will teach the participants to keep the romance vital over the years. Planning a wedding is good, but investing in assuring the success of your marriage is as important as the wedding.