Atul Sethi
Sr Vice President – Everstone

“I attended their sessions at the orientation workshop organised in my daughter’s school, which included a session on Child Sexual Abuse. I found the entire handling of the subject done in an impactful manner without compromising on the sensibilities, that such a topic deserves. I also got the opportunity to see workshops being conducted in corporates on Child Sexual Abuse as well as parenting.The larger feedback emerging from all these programs was extremely positive and the participants did feel aware and empowered to make a difference.”

Kaviarasu R.
Senior Manager – HR, Asian Paints India Ltd

“It indeed was a wonderful seminar ! I am sure the awareness levels of participants has risen manifold on the subject of CSA. So much so, that it has got participants thinking and talking about it. Thank you for your time and the thought provoking session. As much as the subject being gripping, yours & your team’s articulation & the delivery of the program, was equally effective in driving the point home.”

Program Participant
Bharathi Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management & Information Technology

“Thank you for a great workshop which helped us to motivate ourselves and aim higher. This workshop really was an eye opener towards my career and to work in a corporate. We would like to have interesting sessions like this in the future in our college as well”

Tajumal Mullani
Assistant Inspector of Mumbai Police, North Region

“I know Mrs Shobha Sreekumaran well. The first time I attended her sessions was at the Gundecha Educational Academy where my children study. I liked the workshop so much, that I suggested it to the Addl. Commissioner of Mumbai Police, North Region. We had the same seminar arranged for the constables and officers, who benefited much for this seminar. Personally as a police personnel, I get very little quality time with my children. Hence for me, the learnings of how to communicate and spend quality time with my children, despite the time constraints, were very beneficial.”

Sadanand Date IPS
DIG Force One

“We had organized Parenting Workshops for Mumbai Police officers and their families which was facilitated by Smt. Shobha Shreekumaran in the months of March, April and May 2010. These workshops created greater awareness about the issues faced by children, and parents in today’s competitive world. It also empowered the parents by giving them a better perspective of challenges on hand and useful methods to deal with specific problems. We are thankful to her for organizing these workshops for police families.”

Program Participant
Bharathi Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management & Information Technology

“This was actually a very good workshop for me; because I have learnt a lot in this session regarding choosing the right path and setting right goals. I have also learnt to overcome my problems which I am facing and take decisions without any pressure. I personally like such seminars as we cannot get such knowledge through books. Such seminars should be held frequently.”

Sister Ann Palatty
Former Principal, Nazareth Convent High School

“I recall with gratitude the time you spent with the students of Nazareth Convent High School for several years. Your sessions were not only informative but life giving. You helped them become better human beings, aware of their body, mind and spirit. I would not call it just “Sex Education” but it was an orientation towards life, and also enabled them to be cautious about the dangers of HIV and AIDS. Your seminars with parents on Healthy Parenting, Child Sexual Abuse, etc. were highly appreciated by all the parents. Thanks for the contribution you made towards the school, and I continue to pray that your future efforts will be equally fruitful.”

Arnesh Ghose
General Secretary, St Andrew’s House(a Wilson College Hostel)

“Our heartfelt gratitude to Open Doors for giving all of us an amazing time of introspection, self-exploration and conversations. The whole seminar was activity based, with interesting problems which put our principles and ideals to task. They made us question ourselves and beliefs we hold most dearly to our hearts. The session helped most of us figure out our value systems, strengths and flaws, areas we need to focus on and most importantly, all that is good in each and every one us. Rarely, people appreciate each other these days and acknowledge the uniqueness that each and every individual is. The feeling is overwhelming.

St. Andrew’s House wishes Open Doors all the best in all their future projects and may they touch many more lives and bring about healthy changes in today’s youth.”

Capt. Pankaj Nayak
Training Manager, V. Ships India Pvt. Ltd

“It was indeed a wonderful workshop which was very professionally conducted! I am sure the awareness levels of the participants on the importance of team synergy, time management and communication has risen. The workshop challenged the participants to think about issues & apply the techniques learnt to effectively enhance their performance. Open Doors has a wonderful team and we thank them for their time and for facilitating thought provoking sessions.”

Shantanu Gupta

Head – Education Portfolio, Naandi Foundation, Mumbai

“Naandi has engaged with Open Doors for team building and leadership training for Naandi’s team and MCGM officials in the education department. Trainings were well planned, customized to Naandi’s needs and participants background. Trainings were quite participatory and very engaging. Team had a very enriching experience during the trainings and members were able to imbibe many of the learnings in their daily work and personal life. Effort was done by Opendoors to provide detailed feedback of the trainings. Based on the initial experience, Naandi is planning for a long term engagement with opendoors.”

B J Alexander, Unit Head, Taloja Works, Hindalco Industries Ltd.

The Positive Parenting Program gave me a structured view in raising children the right way.
The methodology followed was simple and practical. The real life examples
were poignant and effective. I am seeing a change in myself after the
program. Continue the good work.

Samson Gandhi, Executive Director, Person to Person – Institute for Christian Counseling
Shobha Sreekumaran is a natural facilitator. Facilitating learning through the power of story-telling is her forte. Co-facilitating at one of our courses on ‘Art of Parenting’, she blended beautifully with the overall course. All who heard went away touched.
Dr. Philip Alexander, Medical Superintendent, Lady Willingdon Hospital, Manali
Our hospital divided all the staff into batches and took them to idyllic surroundings of a picnic spot up in the mountains. Over there a tent served as the training spot where Ms. Shobha took all the staff through a full day of fun and interaction, at the same time bringing across key messages vital to any organisation’s smooth functioning. All these messages were brought home in such a non confrontational and fun way that the staff actually were asking for more!. This will be a time that will be long remembered by all in Lady Willingdon hospital. Thank you Open Doors. May more doors open for you.


Vijay Kumar, Principal, Day Star School, Manali

It gave us immense joy  to have Mrs. Shobha at Day Star. All her activities emphasized more on how we related to one another, rather than what we achieve. Truly, at the end of each day relationships matter more than achievements. The case studies were quite thought provoking and purpose driven. The sessions were very lively and relaxing.  Group games were absolute fun and broke many mental barriers. They shortened the gaps and bridged relationships. Many thanks for your invaluable time spent with us. May OpenDoors be God’s mighty instrument to open many closed doors.

Atul Ambapkar, Senior Manager, HR, JSW Jaigarh Port Ltd

The Work-Life Balance Seminar conducted by Mr.Stanley Mehta was well attended. The participants found the session interesting, interactive and relevant. ‘…core issues were dealt with in a clear and crisp manner. The concept of Work-life “margin’ was a new idea that we learnt.’

Lionel Joseph, Deputy Manager, HR, Vodafone India Ltd

The facilitator Ms. Shobha Sreekumaran was very successful in making participants actively participate and invoking high interest. The feedback scores is 95% which explains the quality of the program. The initiative touched a rarely explored topic which connected with the employee families in a very positive manner.The program was an instant hit with the participants fully engaged in the full day session.