" Our Vision: To be a boutique facilitating outfit, offering holistic Training, Coaching and Counsel to families, thereby equipping every member of the family to become responsible to their individual calling and roles, to lead fulfilled lives, and hence become good influencers in the society. "

About Open Doors

Open Doors is a facilitating outfit pioneered with an aim to offer Solutions in Family life and Soft Skills Training. We deliver programs customized to the needs of every member of the family.

We recognize the increasing challenge of balancing ‘Work-Life’ with ‘Family-Life’ in a climate of increasing demands on our time and the potential adverse impact on both. All of us constantly face situations in our families that close in on us and prevent us from achieving our potential at work. We live today among unprecedented family breakdown that has caused unprecedented social and physical ills.

Several action strategies have already been laid out. We need both preventative strategies and redemptive strategies. By preventative strategies, we mean establishing or defending laws that strengthen the family unit. By redemptive strategies, we mean finding ways to restore, rebuild, and recover family life that has been lost. The end result would be a more productive work environment.

We are dedicated to partnering with organizations and institutions by offering solutions that will ‘bridge’ the gap between ‘work’ and ‘family.’